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wonders to unfold, it is our Passion to bring to you the amazing secrets that Indonesia can offer.

It is about Indonesia origin Specialty Coffee beans and High Quality Nuts Products

Welcome to Batavia Coffee & Nuts

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Introducing Batavia's
Ice latte and Ice Black

250ml each bottle, minimum order 2 bottle.

If order 4, free delivery charge for homes within 5km distance.  

We make upon receiving your order.

Very serious coffee drinks for coffee enthusiasts around Jakarta.

Ice latte: Batavia Blend, Milk, and sweetened just right with organic arenga sugar.

Ice Black: Batavia Blend - no sugar.  

We user only freshly roasted Grade 1 coffee beans we select. Using our state of the art Espresso machine. 

Order directly by whatsapp: 081310588026

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You will find High Quality Indonesian coffee beans (all Grade1) here at Batavia Coffee & Nuts. 
You can select fine green  beans you like and we roast in-house for you as you like,
while roasting, you can enjoy our coffee drinks 
You will also find the East Forest Organic Kenari Nuts.
100% Natural grown on Volcanic soil in wild forest East Indonesia. 
Indonesia's Best-kept secrets Nuts

this must be your first experience >

We Love
East Forest's  

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