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wonders to unfold, it is our Passion to bring to you the amazing secrets that Indonesia can offer.

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It is about Indonesia origin Specialty Coffee beans and organic Nuts we love.

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Introducing Batavia's
Specialty coffee drip series
Single Origin Coffee
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We have specialty  Indonesian coffee beans (all Grade1) here at Batavia Coffee & Nuts. 
You can select the green  beans you like and we roast in-house for you.
You will also find the East Forest Organic Kenari Nuts.
100% Natural grown on Volcanic soil in wild forest East Indonesia
and other Indonesian Origin healthy products here. 
Indonesia's Best-kept secrets Nuts

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Indonesia's best kept secret nuts  The Kenari Nuts, the nuts you never experienced before...

Sourced directly from wild Kenari nuts trees and organically grown on an Island rich in fertile volcanic soil, Kenari nuts are both delicious and nutritious. 

Grown on Volcanic Soil

Straight from Locals 

100% Natural


Gluten Free

Vegan Friendly

USDA Organic

EU Organic

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We Love
East Forest's  

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